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What do you think is? A cash-and-carry? NO WAY YO.

We some fiiiine crack-free kiiiiids.

4/3/05 08:58 pm - moni_cate

What is poppin kiddies? Just a little crack free announcment. I got 21 ounces... Anyhoo.

1/17/05 06:37 pm - moni_cate

Why am I the only Crack Free mofo in this WORLD?!?! Why, why?!? No one ever updates the crack-edness of the world anymore. NO ONE.

1/9/05 10:24 pm - moni_cate - YES!

Chemistry is good when you make love with it, chemistry is bad when you make crack with it.

1/6/05 10:05 pm - moni_cate - I'm crack free I swear!

SORRY THIS COMMUNITY DIED. I was locked up in da joiiint for a while. I was trying to educate some crackhoes about what doing crack while they are knocked up will do to them and dat dam PoPo thought I was tokin it up! "Whaaaaa?!?" I said... and they said, "YOU! You MoMo, I can't believe we got you again. You know the law." I'm innocent I tell ya! INNOCENT!

1/2/05 07:42 pm - moni_cate

You betta check yoself... befo I reflect yoself... out of a window!!! That is right kiiiids. Crack bust = BIG BIG success, KT knows, KT knows. I already made INFINITY of those at scout camp, gaaawsh.

1/2/05 04:50 pm - carsleavescars - Half man, half machine. what does it mean?

crack bust was a...SUCESS. four crackheads were turned into speed freaks and three made pregnant. forty-seven emo kids were hurt/killed/smacked senselessly w/ a fish in the process. sorry--my b. just slipped man just slipped.

1/2/05 02:14 pm - moni_cate

Yes, and we also would like to cure AIDS and abolish emo-ness, but ay the world will never be so perfect.

12/30/04 01:45 pm - moni_cate

Crack bust this Saaaturday kiddies. Be there... or be busted up on the bathroom floor, bitches. This ain't no letter of truth. My sister... AHHH she is cracked.

12/28/04 11:06 am - moni_cate - I got 21 ounces of blow, bitches.


12/27/04 09:40 pm - carsleavescars

crack is whack bitches...if someone says "ya wanna get high?" you say..."goodbye"
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